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SAS Employee

Hi all,

I am running a stored process from within Enterprise Guide with a lot of parameters(prompts).

My question is, is it possible to somehow give these prompts initial values (not default values), by loading them from a text file for instance.

I would like to re-run the stored process with the same parameter values that I used in the past, without manually selecting them all (There are 30 values to be selected).

Regards Jeroen

Fluorite | Level 6

It's possible, you just need to organize a dump of your parameters.

Most of prompts has an option "Method of populating".

If you chose "User chose from dynamic list" from a select window the Data source option row will appear.

You can choose a SAS Data set from there and a column where to get values from.

Unfortunately you'll need to do it for each type of parameter.

SAS Employee

Hi ghastly_kitten,

Thanks for your answer, I could see it working by making sure that the data source would have only one value (The one with my initial value).

But would this also work for numeric prompts?

And if I would like to give the user the option of changing the value for a list prompt, how would that work. Is it possible to dynaically define the default value for a dynamic list?

Thanks Jeroen

Fluorite | Level 6

Unfortunately (again), I can't check my guesses about it, since I don't have the SAS BI infrastracture and metadata server, so it's impossible for me to use dynamically generated lists.

I'm quite sure the default value will be the first row in the list.

I think you can send this question to SAS Support (the submit a problem report link below).

If you'll get succeed with it, let the community know Smiley Happy

Fluorite | Level 6


There's already a ticket in SASWare Ballot:

You can vote for it

SAS Employee

Hi Ghastly_Kitten,

I did try it out. I updated the dynamic table with only the value that I wanted. Enterprise Guide will show a dropdown box with nothing selected initially; if you open the list you will only see that value that exists in the table. So that means you still have to click 30 times, but you don't have to think Smiley Happy.

Another problem is that several users could potentially run the same stored process with different values. So a real solution should be on the client side and not on the server side.

Thanks again for your answers


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