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Quartz | Level 8 SPR
Quartz | Level 8

I use EG 4.3 and when I send a dataset to E_mail recipient using SAS Data Files (V7 Long Name) (*.sas7bdat) from Select Format window, the following error is displayed:

An error occured saving the file. No Server Available.

If I select Microsoft Excel97-2003 Workbooks (*.xls) then E-mail goes without any problems.

What could be the cause?

SAS in running on the server.

Opal | Level 21

I'm partly guessing here but believe the following is going into the right direction:

Are you using "send to / email recipient...."? And is your excel saved "locally"?

If so then I believe the email is sent using your PC's .net components. This worked even on my laptop where I haven't set-up any email for SAS (and none of my SAS Server got "started').

When it comes to .sas7bdat files then I assume these files are stored on the server. In order to send them via email I would assume one would have to choose "send to / email recipient as step in project..." and then I would expect that code gets generated where the SAS server is going to send the email (using SAS' email engine).

When choosing "send to / email recipient...." then I assume what happens is that the .sas7bdat file first need to be downloaded to the client using something like "proc download". In order to do that one needs also a local SAS installed (Server local) - and that's probabely what you don't have and gives you the error "No Server available".

Again: I'm only guessing here but believe that the issue is caused by something along these lines.

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Quartz | Level 8 SPR
Quartz | Level 8
Hello Patrick,

It is very useful as an insight into internal mechanics of EG 4.3 sending E-mail. The one point I would like to clarify. You wrote: "And is your excel saved "locally"?".

I send the same dataset but use different formats (Excel or native SAS):

Assume the file name is test.sas7bdat from work library. In EG I open this file, select "Send To E-mail Recipient". Then in the "Select Format" window I select either "Microsoft Excel 97-2003 workbooks (*.xls)" (this works fine) or "SAS Data Files (V7 Long Name) (*.sas7bdat)" (this produces the above mentioned error).

So it looks for me that in both cases file is sent "not locally" or I'm wrong?

Quartz | Level 8 SPR
Quartz | Level 8

Our admin told me that this error is due to expired local version of PC SAS and recommended to uninstall it. This action had several consequences:

1. The "Select Format" window opened by "Send to E-mail Recipient" does not contain SAS Data File format any more.
2. "Send to E-Mail recipient as a Step in Project" opens "Send" wizard and on clicking "Next" displays the error:

Local SAS is required for sending a SAS Data File to an email recipient.

Chris, it is strange that EG can send a bunch of differnt formats except native SAS files, is not it?

Community Manager
EG doesn't have a feature to write a .sas7bdat file to a local location without using SAS to do it. That's why you need local SAS.

But you can use Tasks->Data-Download SAS Data Set to bring a remote SAS data set to your local drive. However, there isn't a way to then send that via e-mail attachment from within EG. You'll need to use another process to achieve that.

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