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I am trying to create a permanent library in SAS Enterprise guide. I'm using EG 4.3. When I go to Tools, Enterprise Guide Explorer, File, New, it won't let me click on Library. I am not running on any server. SAS is installed on my desktop. I can create a temporary library using Tools, Assign Project Library, but i would like to create a permanent library.

Any help is greatly appreciated!
Thank you!
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I want to add that I would like to be able to do this without writing any code.
Calcite | Level 5
I have to preface this with "I am new to EG". With anykind of permanent library is created in SAS Management Console. This is where the MetaData is stored, then in your stored process or program you would reference the meta lib with:

LIBNAME LocalLib METALIBRARY='xxxxxxxx';

where xxxxxxxx is the name of the library you created in SAS Management Console.

I hope this helps...
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How would I access the Management Console?
Calcite | Level 5
"START" +==> "All Programs" +==> SAS

you might also be able to do this with proc metadata... Do you have anyone to help you locally?
Rhodochrosite | Level 12

You may not have the Management Console available to you.

If you want to create a library that is available to you each time you enter a project and automatically appears when you run the project, then see Chris@sas's blog entry

That's about as close as I can get to 'permanent' on my local PC SAS installation.

Doc Muhlbaier
Quartz | Level 8 SPR
Quartz | Level 8
Hello ILGator,

Why are you against code so much? It is very simple indeed. Suppose, a folder of a permanent library you would like to create is C:\SASLIB\My. Then you have to write this simple code:

libname MyLib 'C:\SASLIB\My';

"MyLib" is a name of your permanent library to use in SAS (of course, you can put any name instead).



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