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Fluorite | Level 6

Hi all

I am trying to learn SAS Enterprise Miner. Can someone tell me on how to launch SAS Enterprise Miner? I ran PROC SETINIT and found that Enterprise Miner has been installed on my machine. But I don't see any desktop client associated with it. Please suggest me a way to use it. SAS EG is installed in my machine. I cannot request for any other additional installations as E-Miner is something that is not associated with my day to day work.

I would also appreciate if someone provides me a beginners' link for E-miner tutorial.

Thanks  in advance.


Barite | Level 11

Hi D,

What do you see in your SAS Home directory?

In my machine SASHome is in:

  • C:\Program Files\SASHome\

There I can find SASEnterpriseMinerClient\13.2 and then the Enterprise Miner icon.

Does that work for you?



Fluorite | Level 6

Hi Miguel

thanks for responding. I don't see a directory called SASHome. My directory structure goes like this - C:\Program Files\SAS92\. Inside this directory, I am able to see directories named EnterpriseGuide, SAS Foundation, SAS Personal Login Manager etc.


Barite | Level 11

It is very weird that you have it licensed but not installed...

Please contact tech support with this form: Technical Support Form.

Once you get Enterprise Miner working, don't forget to come back and post on how your self learning is going.

Take care,


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