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Fluorite | Level 6

Hi All,

I have a businees users in different countries, each country have their file format(ex: .csv, txt,mdb...).

But within a same country their might be multiple customers and they can send the multiple files.suppose in india we have 5 customers in 5 different states they can send 5 files from 5 states, all file formats of india are same

I need to create a process to load files of each country in target table using SAS DI,the number of files per country may vary at any time.

Any help on this would be helpful and appreciated.



Opal | Level 21

In the External File definition you can use a '*' as wildcard to pick up all files following a naming pattern:


If there are not too many countries then I would keep things simple. Store your source files in a separate folder per country, define an external file definition per country and run it as a separate job per country.


Store the extracted data in a staging table per country (or if you have a data base which allows for concurrent insert then it could be a single table). Then run all the extract jobs in parallel (or whatever is right for your case). If extracting into a staging table per country then run in the end a single job which appends all the data (or which creates a view over all the country staging tables).

What would be nice to have is also a variable which tells you from which source file the data has been sourced. On a coding level this could look like below:

data india;

  length source_file _source_file $50;

  infile 'C:\temp\india\*.txt' truncover dlm=',' dsd FILENAME=_source_file;

  input var $;



I haven't found a way to define an external file in a way that such code gets generated except if overwriting the generated INFILE statement under "File Parameters/Advanced/Override generated..." and then add something like:

length source_file _source_file $50;

infile 'C:\Temp\india\*.txt'

       lrecl = 256

       delimiter = ','



       firstobs = 1



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