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Obsidian | Level 7

Hello all,


In my team's processes we are expected to add the status handling option to all jobs and have it send an entry to a dataset.


We are now left with a large amount of these datasets where we do nothing with. I've had a search on this forum and on the web and I can't find any examples of what people do with these datasets after they are created.


Initially, we thought that it would provide a good quality audit trail of how data is processed and we might then start using them for reconciliations between ETL layers. However, in the years of us creating these datasets, we have never used them at all.


I'm wondering "Whats the point?" and thinking if I can't find a use, I'll start to remove them.


Please can people share some uses of these datasets?



Tourmaline | Level 20
I think that you cover the use case quite well. But It all sites have an urgent need to create audit reports etc. And maintenance/operations are fine with scheduler and jobs logs for the day-2-day work.
So challenging the process could be a start of dialogue that could bring more awareness around your ETL process management.
Data never sleeps
SAS Employee

Having an audit trail is important in ETL processes. Each team finds a way to keep a trail depending on their needs - logs, comparison records, status records etc. Especially, when ETL processes are evolving these trails help out. Perhaps your processes are matured. Adding a process to purge records every so often may be a way to go before you remove this trail completely.


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