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Fluorite | Level 6

hope you are fine.

I was accessing SASCIstudio at below link and all selection plus decision campaigns were visible and editable in SASCIStudio.



Then I modified the configurations to make SASCIStudio accessible on new port (7244) so new link is 


Now On new link I am able to login to SASCIStudio but selection campaigns are not visible. Please note that

1- Decision campaign are there as they were before

2- There is no selection campaign tab available/visible in SASCIStudio (It seems like that CIStudio is not designed or configured for MA). I am unable to find a single button or tab that starts or contains "selection" in name.

3- The business context is same for selection campaigns as It was before means you can't say that I might have selected another business context.

4- SASContent Server is validating successful via SMC.

5- In SMC, the SAS MA folder structure is there means all the selection campaign, folders and sub folder and even the selection campaign business context but some SASCIStudio is not reading the selection campaigns.


This is production environment so I request to please reply on urgent basis.

SAS Employee
If this is an urgent request for support with a technical issue, please open a track at and then call your local technical support phone number and alert them that this is a "production down" Sev 1 issue.

There may be some properties in SMC that need to be updated with the new port.

Other alternatives if this is an urgent issue would be to restore a backup or change the port back.

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Fluorite | Level 6

I have already raised the issue with Pathetic SAS support team and they are just wasting time. Nothing else they are doing.


Thanks by the way.

SAS Employee

I'm sorry you're continuing to have trouble campaign selection in SAS Customer Intelligence Studio. Our Technical Support team is committed to working through this with you and look forward to having you up and running. From the track with Technical Support, I see ongoing communication and engagement concerning the SAS license associated with this environment. 

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