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I'm fairly new to SAS CRM. I need to integrate CSM system with SAS CRM. Can anyone guide me to a quick documentation about the possibilities for Integration with SAS CRM(REST APIs) or may be what all components will be involved for integration with SAS CRM.


We have SAS Customer intelligence Studio and SAS Data Integration studio. Any good pointer to documentation would be helpful.


Quick help would be highly appreciated.



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SunnyM - 


I think there are probably some clarifying questions that might help get you an answer (either from me or from someone else), so let me ask a few and see what we can do... 


  • When you say "SAS CRM", which product are you talking about - Marketing Automation? Real-Time Decision Manager? something else?
  • For integration, what's the use case? Calling the CMS at the end of a campaign to stage the list of customers and what offer they should get? Or having the CMS somehow call SAS Customer Intelligence?
  • Are there volume or performance considerations we should know about?

Thanks, and hope we can get you some feedback based on a little more detail.

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Calcite | Level 5

Hi Shill,


Hope you are doing well.


I came across a similar requirement wherein I want to integrate SAS (output generated from Job in SAS Data Integration Studio) to be stored in a folder of Content Management System.

How do i go ahead and build a connection between SAS and Content Management System.



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