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SAS Customer Intelligence 360 provides resources that are designed to help you learn more about the product.


This summer, the CI360 team created more video tutorials that walk you through product features. The latest additions demonstrate how to configure email and manage your assets. Check out the CI360 video library at


The CI360 Learn page at offers the What’s New update, featured tutorials, and links to upcoming training sessions for CI360.


SAS Communities gives you two paths to learn more about CI360. First, go to the SAS Customer Intelligence community at for articles with the CI360 tag to learn what's new, pose questions, or find answers. Next, check the SAS Communities Library for articles that are labeled Customer Intelligence at You can even contribute your own CI360 tips to the library.


Read articles about CI360 from SAS bloggers at


Discover the latest enhancements and newest features for CI360 at This information is updated whenever a new version of CI360 is released.


Where else do you go to find answers to your CI360 questions?

Lapis Lazuli | Level 10 tc
Lapis Lazuli | Level 10

Caught an interesting demo of CI360 at SGF 2018 in Denver. Just out of curiosity...I know it's intended for customers (the "C" in CI360!), but just out of curiosity, has anyone ever tried to use CI360 to improve the user experience for an organization's own internal browser-based systems that may be used by hundreds or thousands of employees (e.g., customer service)? Or is the product really geared towards a larger-scale customer base?

Community Manager

Hi @tc, just noticed your question on @E-Ching_Lee's post. To maximize the chance of other folks seeing/responding to your question, start a new topic on the Customer Intelligence Community.

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SAS Employee

It could be used for that use case. Absolutely!

Calcite | Level 5
I personally don't see CI360 being used in the way you describe. I would suggest looking at Salesforce, I think that will do what you suggest.
How to improve email deliverability

SAS' Peter Ansbacher shows you how to use the dashboard in SAS Customer Intelligence 360 for better results.

Find more tutorials on the SAS Users YouTube channel.

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