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Hi Team


I'm looking for some videos or tutorials on how to create external events and applications and fire off these events via a webhook or API call. The documentation is very AWS based and I need a more generic C# example where I have an external system (say a dialer for instance) that we want to fire the event on an action or result in the external system (dialer unable to connect to client) and then using activity to start a new "client journey" (like send an email)


Sorry I just find the documentation not easy to follow

SAS Employee
To send an external event into CI360 you need to make a POST request to https://<> gateway address>/events using Bearer authentication and having a token generated from the tenanted and secret key of your access point definition. Not a C# person, but it shouldn’t be too hard to find examples how to make an http POST request using C#.

The body would look like

· "eventName": "· "subject_id": ", (could also be login_id or customer_id depending on what you set up in your tenant.)
· "Price": 100, (any custom attribute you have defined in the UI)
· "Month": "January" (any custom attribute you have defined in the UI)

Whatever identity type you use make sure you have it associated in your Access Point definition


Hope this helps.
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