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Calcite | Level 5

Hi All,


We have Marketing Automation and Digital Marketing at our site. I had a few questions regarding auto-updation of CDM


1) I think that CDM(Response History) should get auto updated with the response from Digital Marketing. Please validate if my understanding is correct.


2) If yes, can I have list of things which need to be done for setting up the auto update


My CDM resides in an Oracle DBMS.

SAS Employee

Hi AshishT,


The instructions on how to set up Contact and Response History for SAS Digital Marketing can be found in the SAS Digital Marketing Admin' Guide:  Chapter 6 - Customizing the Server.


If you don't have access to this site, or need further information, please raise a SAS Technical Support track using this form:  


Thanks and regards!

Calcite | Level 5
Hi Suksma,

Thanks for your reply. We have done settings according to what is mentioned in the said chapter. But still the response history records are not updated.
Do we need to make any changes in CI_Response table?

Ashish T
SAS Employee

Hi Ashish, I understand SAS Technical Support has asked for Webex with you on Monday - we can look at your system directly then, and figure out what is going wrong.



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