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The global Ask the Expert (AtE) is a webinar series where SAS experts share in-depth information, tips, and tricks on various topics to enable SAS users to gain new insights into using SAS products. Our goal is to make your job easier and empower you with the knowledge you need to be successful at your work. 


Each webinar ends with a time for you to ask questions of the SAS expert. If you choose to watch a webinar later, on-demand, this opportunity ceases.

The AtE webinars are complimentary at no cost.


Upcoming in September:


Sept. 14 CET 17.00: How Do I Show Geographical Data Using the SGMAP Procedure?®

Join this webinar to learn how to use the SGMAP procedure to create effective displays of your geographical data.

We will cover various topics, including basic map creation, overlaying plots, attribute control, and data categorization.


Sept. 23 CET 17.00: 10 Things You’ll Love About SAS® Viya®

Join this webinar to learn how SAS Viya can help your organization see your data, customers, and operations in new ways that encourage confident decision-making.

We want to help you see real value in Viya and accelerate your innovation by managing the analytics life cycle.


Sept. 28 CET 17.00: How Do I Use SAS® Event Stream Processing With ONNX Models?

Join this webinar to learn how SAS Event Stream Processing supports ONNX format models for inferencing using the ONNX Runtime technology.

We’ll show you how data scientists can integrate trained ONNX format models based on Python for streaming analytics on the edge and cloud.

SAS Event Stream Processing’s native integration with ONNX Runtime removes a lot of the model deployment complexity. It lets the data scientist focus on training the most effective model for the problem by simplifying the deployment task on various supported GPU and CPU hardware.

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