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The SAS system has a lot of options that can be useful to tweek or know the value of in many different situations. Some are even internal and not listed. Following the simple steps below you can get information about all the options, a group of options or a spesific one:

For just showing all options, internal and normal in the SAS log, you can execute the code:

  proc options internal ;

  run; quit;


The bad thing is that it gives a looong list. To get a list of the groups of the options:

proc options internal LISTGROUPS;

run; quit;


This will show how the options is grouped. If you are interested in performance options, just choose that:


proc options internal GROUP=PERFORMANCE;

run; quit;


.. and the all the options for performance is listed.

God jul 🙂

Barite | Level 11

Hi all


One of the benefits with a community is that everyone can ask questions and/or comment on topics - In SAS there is always several ways to acheive the same goal, so here is 2 alternatives to do the same as Tor describes.


Finding info in sashelp.voptions (or dictonary.options)
SAS sashelp.voptions.png

More info: Accessing SAS System Information by Using DICTIONARY Tables


Or click through to the same information in Enterprise Guide 7.1

SAS Enterprise Guide - System options Viewer.png


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