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Obsidian | Level 7


Did anyone try and make a static report of a VA report? Not just the PDF/printable-version available from VA.

What I looking for, is to use a lot of tables/barcharts/whatnot created in VA, and the get it into a PDF in the end.

I would like to be able to add text to the output as well.

This sounds easy enough with SAS Add-in for Office, but...

- I need to filter the VA report using a single prompt (name)

- This has to be done for 65 different customers

- ...every quarter

Not really in the mood for clicking in the Add-in 65 times through the names of the prompt to create my document.

VBA seems it cannot change the filter, so...

Anyone has any idea if this is possible? 

Barite | Level 11

Hi Thomas


I guess that your customers are not defined in the SAS metadata server, so Row-level security is not an option, as they do not logon to the reports ? That's why you want to publish pdf versions instead of having the uses access the reports directly themself.


SAS Visual Analytcs is build for interactive reporting, and not so much for batch producing static pdf files.


I don't have a solution, but the resources below might contain some hints and tips, that may be helpful.


Have you had a look at calling the reports with parameters ?


And/or looking at Distributed scheduling of reports as PDF

(will also contain link to the report - guess that is not what you want)


Your other challenges with the individual content in each report. You could make an new tabel containing the 2 columns - Filter-value and text. And show the content in ordinary tabel just containing the text column and then suppress the headings.


Perhaps in SAS for MS Office Add-in your can get "Selected Element > Convert to Snapshot" to work with VBA

(Will "break" the link between Excel and SAS)


More on VBA and SAS Add-in.


And hidden at the very bottom - How about building the reports directly in SAS Add-in using the Add-in Tasks (no VA) and then designing your to-be-pdf report that way directly in Excel, Powerpoint or Word?

Obsidian | Level 7

Hej Gert.

Tak for dit svar.

Jeg kan fornemme, at jeg skal nå frem til mit resultat ad omveje.

- Grunden til PDF'en i sidste ende er, at det er en rapport der skal sendes ud af huset - det er ikke nogen der får adgang til vores VA.

- Grunden til, at det gerne må være i VA er, at hvis der bliver stillet spørgsmål til det der er sendt ud af huset, så er det rart for os internt, at vi ser det samme som er sendt ud, og kan grave os ned i detaljerne.

- Grunden til VA er, at vi synes godt om måden vi kan arbejde med vores data og det look det har.


SAS Add-in for Office tillader ikke rigtigt at man kan tilføje parametre til rapporten? Jeg kan i hvert fald ikke umiddelbart spotte det.


Min oprindelige tanke var, at SAS Add-in for Office kunne klare det, og det kan det også langt hen af vejen, men efterlader desværre en ret stor manuel opgave.


Jeg kigger selvfølgelig lige dine links igennem, og ser om jeg kan bruge noget af det. som jeg startede med at skrive; "Jeg kan fornemme, at jeg skal nå frem til mit resultat ad omveje".



PS. If anyone needs this translated into english, I'll be happy to do so. In short, it just outlines my issue and does not contain any solution.



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