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Hi, I just made a video to show how you can automate migration from SAS Enterprise Guide to SAS Viya.


It is based on a public repository here: so if you want to try this out yourself and have access to an environment with Enterprise Guide as well as a SAS Viya environment, you may want to try this out yourself.


As many now are considering migrating Enterprise Guide projects to SAS Viya - I wanted to see how we could automate this quite tedious process that requires tight attention to details.


As humans we are not always good at this – we get bored and sloppy, and mistakes may happen.


So why not automate this and have a computer do this for us? With CICD and devops being a thing, doing migration through CICD seems to be a sensible way of attacking this. Also – many of the tools for migration are well suited for automation – most of them have command-line options.


And as a CICD addict and true believer in all things agile, going cicd on migration makes a ton of sense.

The repository have content and guidance on:

  • Understanding and setting up the environments to prepare for CICD
  • How to use git to transfer content between SAS94 and SAS Viya
  • Using github actions to automate importing and validation of sas content to SAS Viya

Watch the video and let me know what you think - and do take a peak at the repo mentioned above.


SAS Employee

This is great Lars Arne, thank you for sharing!

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