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What are the permitted uses of SAS® OnDemand for Academics?

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SAS OnDemand for Academics is a free option to learn SAS. Do we have boundaries around its use? YES.


The license agreement lists all the terms and conditions. If you have technical questions about SAS OnDemand for Academics, the Frequently Asked Questions page or getting-started site should get you on your way.


If the Q&A below doesn’t address your question, post it in the comments and I’ll get you an answer.


1. Can I use SAS OnDemand for Academics to write a research paper?


Writing a research paper to get a grade is fine. Not OK is writing a research paper to not only get a grade but to get paid or inform strategic direction for your business (or someone else’s). In other words, if your proposed use of SAS OnDemand for Academics results in somebody making money, it probably isn’t allowed.


2. Can I publish a book on using SAS OnDemand for Academics with screen shots?  


The SAS OnDemand for Academics license agreement prohibits use of the software for any commercial purposes, including publishing a book. An exception is when you’re working with SAS Press or the SAS Author Assistance program. You can use OnDemand for Academics in conjunction with those programs if you link to the website.


SAS offers many resources to writers who wish to publish books about SAS software, like Ron Cody, whose 2021 title Getting Started with SAS Programming: Using SAS Studio in the Cloud begins with a chapter on SAS OnDemand for Academics. You can find information about publishing through SAS Press at this link. If you are already working with a publisher and require assistance, you can find information about our Author Assistance Program at the same link. You can also contact SAS Press directly by completing this form.


3. I’m writing a paper for a conference paper for SAS Global Forum and Joint Statistical Meetings. Can I develop my code in SAS OnDemand for Academics and include results from SAS OnDemand for Academics? (I’m not getting paid for either endeavor. They're both personal development activities.)


These uses are permitted.


4. I maintain a blog and a website where I share SAS tips and programs. Can I use SAS OnDemand for Academics to develop these? I’m not selling the content, just sharing it, though the content does benefit me.


This use is permitted.


5. I’m a SAS expert running a workshop at a conference. SAS is not a sponsor. I’m not getting paid for this and there is no charge for attendees. Can I use SAS OnDemand for Academics for demonstrations?


This use is permitted.


6. I have a commercial enterprise that employs SAS programmers who need SAS skills to do their work. I provide training in-house. Can I use SAS OnDemand for Academics (without additional permission from SAS) to conduct this class?


This use is not permitted.


7. I want to develop a product that can read/write SAS data set files. Can I use OnDemand for Academics to create SAS data in many different permutations, then also use OnDemand for Academics to test the work of my project?


This is not permitted.


8. What are examples of acceptable and unacceptable uses of SAS OnDemand for Academics to analyze publicly available health data via Project Data Sphere?


Academic research and publishing and sharing this research for the greater public good are acceptable.* But the use of OnDemand for Academics for direct financial gain is not permitted.


9. Can I use SAS® Enterprise Miner for my research?


No. If this work would not be in the context of a qualified academic class, the license terms do not grant the free use of Enterprise Miner for this purpose. You are not allowed to use Enterprise Miner beyond the scope of your class.


10. I volunteer for the Open Data Initiative in my hometown. Can I and other volunteers use SAS OnDemand for Academics to format and analyze data?


You can use SAS OnDemand for Academics in this context for learning and for events like hack-a-thons.*


 11. Can I use SAS OnDemand for Academics to produce tables, graphs and analysis for public papers that will be published in scientific journals?


This use is permitted. Please indicate that the analysis, tables, and graphs were generated by SAS® software.


12. As a student, can I access SAS Studio, Enterprise Guide, Enterprise Miner, Forecast Server or JMP through SAS OnDemand for Academics without an instructor’s involvement?


No, sorry. SAS Studio is available by default to anyone who registers. This includes adult learners, instructors, students, and researchers – if you are not using the offering for commercial purposes. All other clients (Enterprise Guide, Enterprise Miner, Forecast Studio, and access from JMP) are available to instructors who register a course and choose to use one of these clients for their course.




* Though research is allowed using SAS Studio, resources are limited and "excessive" use is not permitted. Sessions are monitored and any found exceeding reasonable use will be terminated. For more information see the SAS OnDemand for Academics FAQ.











I've used SAS On Demand for years, this is very handy but obviously comes with necessary restrictions like any free tool. Thanks for your clarification, @BeverlyBrown . 

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