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Tips to Avoid Demo Drama - Tip 8: Always have a Plan B (or even C)

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planABC.pngIn terms of the end-user experience, we all know that it is impossible to compare a live demo with a semi-static PowerPoint screenshot demo. We would all prefer the live demo. However, PowerPoint is also better than nothing.


Whenever I do an important demo/presentation, I always have a Plan B. Normally I create a PowerPoint screenshot back-up, but I sometimes have a back-up demo environment in place as well. Sometimes I have two back-up plans, depended on the importance of the demo/presentation, such as a back-up demo environment and a PowerPoint.


Sometimes, you do not have the time or the opportunity to have a Plan B or C, especially if you are asked to a demo/presentation at short notice. If you run into problems on those occasions, what can you do? Over the years, I have built up an archive of general demo screenshots, because requests for these are quite common. This is, effectively, a ready-made back-up. Over the years, I have also created different types of tutorials and GUI introduction slides, which also provide a back-up. Sometimes these are even part of my Plan A.


One disadvantage of demo screenshots archives is that your software will be changing over time. You therefore need to update your archives to show the new and improved features of your software. However, you are probably also constantly creating new demo content, so it should be quite simple to keep your archive updated.

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