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There is a new SAS Private JRE!

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SAS recently changed the technology provider for the SAS Private JRE. For the most part, you should not see functional differences.  As a SAS administrator, we hope that you are downloading the latest security update for the SAS Private JRE each quarter, by following the guidelines in SAS Note 56203.  The new JRE content is delivered in SAS 9.4 orders that are processed on or after February 20, 2018. 


I tend to equate this change to choosing a different brand of milk to pour on your cereal.  At first, you might be surprised because the color of the label is not what you were expecting.  When you get to the breakfast table, however, you are unlikely to notice any differences when you are eating your cereal.


I had hoped that this JRE change would be completely transparent to our SAS users.  It turns out that while the change is practically transparent to end users, SAS administrators will see some changes. The instructions for updating the SAS Private JRE include references to new pathnames, reflecting the new technology provider. A SAS user or administrator looking at running processes will now see “Zulu Platform x64 Architecture” (or similar) for SAS-related midtier and other Java processes. 


  1. Does this change mean that SAS 9.4 can now use Java 8?
    The new SAS Private JRE continues to be based on Java 7.   Although Oracle announced an end to public support for Java 7 in April 2015, SAS has made arrangements to continue receiving security updates for Java 7, and to provide those security updates to our customers.  The change in February 2018 means we are receiving those updates from a new technology provider who builds and supports OpenJDK. 


  1. Do I have to change to the “new” SAS Private JRE?
    No, you do not have to update the SAS Private JRE that is installed and running on your system. You can continue running any SAS Private JRE that you have installed for as long as you choose.  SAS recommends, however, that you consider updating the SAS Private JRE on a quarterly basis so that you can update your system to include the latest security updates for the Java 7 JRE. 

    If you want security fixes for the SAS Private JRE, you will be installing a JRE based on content from the new technology provider.  Remember that the update process for the SAS Private JRE does not require you to get a new SAS software order, and it does not require you to update your SAS software to the latest versions.  Our goal has been to keep it simple for you to apply the security updates for the SAS Private JRE.  Only the latest SAS Private JRE is available via the downloads site.

    If you request updates or additions to an existing SAS 9.4 site, then you should expect your new order to include the “new” SAS Private JRE.


  1. Do I need to change my SAS contract since this software has changed?
    No, you should not need to make any contractual changes. SAS software, including the SAS Private JRE, continues to be governed by the terms associated with SAS proprietary software.  The underlying technology provider for the JRE has changed, and SAS is required to provide several informational documents, including the underlying license text.  Nothing between SAS and the customer has changed as a result of the JRE transition.


SAS changed the technology provider of the SAS Private JRE as an adjustment of business process and investment in longer term stability.  We intend for the change to be seamless for end users, and only a slight adjustment for SAS administrators.


Summary of resources

  • SAS Note 56203 - Downloading the SAS® Private Java Runtime Environment version 7 update for SAS® 9.3 and SAS® 9.4
  • Downloads site – A “shortcut” to the downloads site referenced in SAS Note 56203. You will need to supply credentials before downloading the latest SAS Private JRE update.
  • Security Bulletins – One section of this site highlights the latest Java 7 updates, and points to SAS Note 56203.

 Hello @Donna_SAS,


many thanks for the update, useful indeed.


I see that both links to the SAS Note 56203 are pointing to a SAS-internal URL. Probably the right one would be ?

Good catch, @JuanS_OCS. I've changed the links for @Donna_SAS. Thanks for being an extra set of eyes for us!

Just finished up a new install and I did notice the "Zulu Platform..." and thought that was new!  Thanks for validating.

It is unacceptable that this extra Java install is running at all times, soaking up 380-550MB of memory at all times regardless of whether SAS has even been launched.

Mima -- could you please open a support ticket and provide more details on your environment? 

We did not see a jump in memory use during our testing.

Use one of the support links described here:


I opened ticket 7612520040

I understand that Tech Support was able to help you resolve your issue.    Hope you are up and running smoothly now!


Very glad that the service can be safely disabled! Thanks for the assist & response! I certainly wasn't expecting a quick solution from making a complaint in a comment. Thank you.

SAS Tech Support is the best!

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