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The SAS Curiosity Cup is an incredible opportunity for College and University Students!

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Each year, data-savvy university students from around the world put their analytical intelligence to the test in the SAS Curiosity Cup. Here’s everything you need to know about it: 


What do I need to do to enter? 

  1. Make a team. A collaborative environment is generally conducive to better data insight, so make a team of 2-4 students from the same university. Also, ask your favorite professor to be your advisor. (Seeing as the career they have chosen involves helping students learn, they’ll be happy to help.) 
  2. Find and analyze a publicly available data set with real-world significance. Ask it your best questions and use SAS software to get the answers. (As a student, you have access to SAS Viya for Learners and SAS OnDemand for Academics, but you can use another SAS software if you want!) 
  3. Tell us what you find! Write a 2-5 page paper explaining your questions, methods, and findings. Don’t be afraid to nerd out! We’re here for it! 


What happens after I submit my paper? 

Once you submit your paper, a team of judges will review the submissions and…well…judge them as if they were professional reports. These judges bring extensive SAS expertise from industries such as banking, energy, software, consulting and more! (Since SAS software has so many industrial applications, we know a lot of smart people with cool jobs.) Based on data preparation, data analysis, data presentation, and paper structure, they’ll decide which projects will move on to the final round.  


What does the final round entail? 

Once you’ve made the final round, you’ve already proved that you’re the expert on your data discoveries. Now we want to see you present it! Your team will record a video that clearly presents your data, your findings, and your methods. 


What do I get for winning? 

Well, first, there are actually three different “1st places” to win. A winner and a runner up will be declared in each of these categories: Data Preparation, Data Analysis, and Data Presentation. I’ll use a SAS software to check my work, but I’m pretty sure that increases your chances of becoming a Curiosity Cup Champion!  

Besides a whole lot of analytical clout, winners receive:  

I would do it just for the mug, but, wow, there are so many other prizes you can win! And, don’t discount the digital badges. These badges are real credentials that employers put a great deal of value in! Learn how badging can convey your professional aptitude! 


**Runners up will also receive the certification voucher, course voucher, and mug** 


If you are at all interested in growing your skills in data science and analytics, then the SAS Curiosity Cup will be a great all-around experience for you! Not only do you get to test and grow your skills, but you also get to see how other data-driven students use analytics to answer their questions! Learn more here! 


Love this opportunity for students, Sam!  Because Hacking is a great way to refine your skills before hitting the job market.  Moreover, the output from the Hack can be great material for one's analytical portfolio.


Regarding timing - remind us again - when does the next competition kick off?

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