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SAS Viya for Learners Individual Data Upload: Watch and Try!

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Have you heard - Data upload has arrived for EVERYONE in SAS Viya for Learners!  


In the video below, I'll teach you how to unlock the secret of uploading your own data to SAS Viya for Learners! Not only does this open your possibilities for discovering new insights but also engages your learning to create more personalized, meaningful analysis. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a newcomer to VFL, we've got you covered. So, grab your data, open a new browser tab, and let's dive in! 



If you're not a “watch a video to learn” person, check out Back-to-School Part 1 - Using Your Own Data in SAS Viya for Learners or follow the official instructions on the SAS Viya for Learners site.



As you pinpoint a dataset you want to upload, keep in mind the following: 

Now, fellow learners and aspiring data scientists, it’s your turn! No matter which application you choose, let your data lead the way. Remember: The journey of a thousand insights begins with a single upload! 


Yay for data uploads in SAS Viya for Learners.  Great video, @Rachel_McLawhon!

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