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SAS Bowl III, SAS Macros

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SAS Developer Advocate, ISO 'M64' and 'Allison'

In search of M64 and AllisonIn search of M64 and AllisonWe rode a wave of momentum into SAS Bowl III, SAS Macros this morning. No glitches or crashes this time around, only good vibes and some heavy brain work. Thirty three players joined and competed, answering questions from emcee @thiago on SAS Macros, among other inquiries. And, yes, we included a roman numeral question. We also learned that Charlie Brown turned 70 this year.


Congratulations to our winners M64, @ronan, and Allison. The only problem we've run into is identifying the first and third place winners. If you claim ownership of the M64 or Allison user during the event, leave a comment in this article or send us an email at We have our ideas of who the users may be, but we want to make sure the awesome SAS Communities swag gets to its rightful titleholders. @GinaRepole  and @TomKari probably hope this all remains a mystery and slide in to swipe second and third place. Stay tuned.


I wasn't able to attend. What happened? What did I miss?

Fear not! If you missed the event, you can view the on-demand version in the video below.


On deck

SAS Bowl IV, The SUGA Bowl is scheduled for November, 10, 2020, 2 PM EST. This game features the SAS Users Group for Administrators & Architects (SUGA) and will be hosted by SUGA's own @MichelleHomes. I know you can feel our excitement as this is being typed out. Stay tuned to the SAS Community for more details in the coming days. See you in November!


OK, enough with the sports clichés. We'll put them to rest now.




Bring It!Bring It!

It's never too early to start game planning for the next round. After wrapping up an inspiring SAS Bowl II contest, and the return to action of American (and world) sports, I'm going to introduce the next event by using as many sports clichés as I can pack into a few paragraphs. Forgive me in advance, but bring your 'A' game, it's gut-check time.


The upcoming match

The next installment of SAS Community trivia is SAS Bowl III, SAS Macros, and is scheduled to tip-off on Tuesday, October 20, at 10 AM EDT. Two-time, top three finisher @supp is surely musing, "I have the utmost respect for my fellow competitors." But we all know he's chomping at the bit to answer questions based on the next game's featured resources:

How to Create Macro Variables and Use Macro Functions

3 Steps to Build a SAS Macro Program


These two SAS Users YouTube channel videos, brought to you by MVP SAS instructor @Stacey_SAS, will motivate questions for the next contest. Don't get stuck with your back against the wall or behind the eight ball. No pay-per-view needed. Simply watch by taking a trip over to YouTube (popcorn and hot dogs optional while viewing). 


Join the game. (on game day only)


For rookies

If you are new to the whole SAS Bowl concept, you can pick up your playbook in this SAS Community memo. You can study game film (recording of the game) in the SAS Bowl II wrap up article. Add the game to your calendar or download the article attachment for an event reminder. No pre-registration is required. On game day, jump into the event, fill out your bracket by providing your SAS Support Communities username, and show off your SAS and worldly knowledge while competing for bragging rights and SAS Community game gear


Your challenge

Finally, don't get caught looking to next season. Remember, while defense may win championships, at the end of the day, to succeed in the SAS Bowl, you control your own destiny and you need to peak at the right time. See you on the pitch in October, from distance.


I counted 24 sports clichés, give or take. See what you come up with, mention some of your own favorites, and we can discuss in the comments section. 


Other SAS Macro resources (in case you're interested in overtime)

SAS Studio Custom Task Tuesday: How to Create Macro Execution Task - SAS Community article

How to create and use SAS macro functions - SAS Users blog post

SAS Macro Programming for Beginners - SASGF (SUGI) paper

SAS Macro Language 1: Essentials -  SAS Macros course



I can't wait for this MACRO face-off!

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” – Wayne Gretzky


Take the shot and play! I'm game, are you???




Should we expect any roman numeral questions?

Oh I hope there is a Roman numeral question! 🤓😍 

@supp and @MichelleHomes , I can't give too much away, but we'll try not to disappoint 😀.


As for my quotes, I like any quote from Yogi Berra, with "It's like deja vu all over again" topping the list. My biggest head scratcher quote is from North Carolina's own Michael Jordan with, "The ceiling is the roof.".......🤔


'See' you next Tuesday!

Cancelled due to technical difficulties and will be rescheduled after debugging.


Sounds about exactly how I macro code.

After such an energising start from @thiago it’s a shame technical issues occurred for it to move forward. I look forward to the rescheduled game!


Funny @RichardDeVen... be sure to use the macro debugging options we’re all very familiar with 😉

I forgot to set my alarm last night and woke up just as the game was starting, too late to join. Can't believe that I will get a second chance! How often does that happen?

I missed SAS Bowl II.  Was looking forward to III as an opportunity to redeem myself after a disastrous performance in I. 


Look forward to the rescheduled event.  In the mean time, I'll be googling American History for that first question... 

Yeah for second chances @SJSlaughter! Nice to hear you're keen to take up the challenge again @Quentin. I wonder how many other people will study up for that first question and whether it will now change 😉


I was "geared up" for the game too!


Looking forward to "seeing" you both at the rescheduled event.

SAS Bowl III rescheduled for Tuesday, October 27, at 10 AM EDT

Hope to see you all there!



Can't believe I missed it, and the opportunity to try out my username %NRBQUOTEisUseless.


Congrats to the winners!


That's a shame you missed it @Quentin - you would have aced the macro questions! Would have loved to see your username on the board too 😂... How appropriate!

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