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How to display missing users in CI360 User Roles menu?

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Missing users in CI360 User Roles menu?
Why some users are not visible in the CI360 user role settings and how to display them.


Since last year it is has been possible to assign certain rights and roles to a user directly in CI360.


To manage this as an administrator, you need to open CI360 and go to the menu General Settings -> Users (User Roles).


  • In this section all user roles for the existing CI360 users can be managed.
  • You just need to select one or multiple Users from the list, click on EDIT and select the required Roles (see current CI360 Documentation > User Roles).


But for some reason it may happen that the required user is not displayed at all in the User Roles Administration list. Why does this happen? And how can you change it?





Required User is missing inside the User Roles



Check SAS Cloud Profile Roles:

To understand this behavior, you need to know that CI360 distinguishes between “SAS user” and “SAS administrator”. This basic distinction is assigned when the SAS Profile is created in the SAS Cloud.

If you are missing a User inside the User Roles Management Section inside CI360 it is very likely this SAS Profile is set up as an SAS Administrator and not as a SAS User. In this case, this user will not be displayed in the list of user roles because he or she is a SAS admin and therefore all roles have already been assigned via the SAS Profile! The user role management is (like the name says) only for users - not for administrators.


To check this and change it if necessary, a SAS Administrator must log into the SAS Cloud:



All_Roles_in_Cloud.jpgSAS User Roles.


If the selected user has the role “SAS Administrator” and “SAS User”, he cannot be assigned any other roles in CI360. He therefore this name not show up in the User Roles administration.

If you like to change this, click on Edit and uncheck SAS administrator role and click OK.



SAS user only


The user is now no longer an SAS administrator.

Change User Roles in CI360
Go back into CI360 - General Settings -> Users (User Roles).


The missing User is now shown in the list of Users. He can be selected and assigned to all CI360 User Roles.


missing_user_back2.jpgUser is shown in the User Roles Management





User Roles

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