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How to Publish SAS Decisions to Git: Published Files

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From SAS Intelligent Decisioning, you can publish rule sets or decisions to Git. The decisions can contain SAS models. Watch the video in the post, which shows how you can publish a rule set to Git. The video then looks at the files created in the Git repository.


The first post in the series, How to Integrate SAS Intelligent Decisioning with Git gave an overview of the process. The next post, How to Publish SAS Decisions to Git: Required Configuration detailed the SAS Viya and Git configuration. The one after, How to Publish SAS Decisions to Git: Publishing Destination created a Git destination. This post focuses on the publishing to a Git repository and at the files created.


What Can You Publish to Git?


You can publish to Git rule sets or decisions. Decisions are made of several decision objects. Most of the decision objects can be published to Git. You can consult the allowed decision object list in SAS® Intelligent Decisioning: Publishing Decisions. A decision object can also be represented by a model. For the allowed model type list, please see SAS Model Manager: Publishing Requirements and Restrictions.


Publish to Git and the Publishing Result


When you publish to Git, a folder and several files are created in the Git repository. The files, their type, depend on the rule set, or the decision objects published.  




After publishing:


  • A Git folder is created.
  • The rule set or the decision logic is described in a DS2 package file.
  • A JSON file details the inputs and the outputs.
  • A second JSON file contains an asset summary.
  • The README.txt in the folder contains versioning information.


If a model is used in a decision, many more files, representing the model scoring and the model metadata will also be published.




The video in the post showed how SAS Intelligent Decisioning rule sets, or decisions, are published as files in a Git repository.


Every time you publish from SAS, Git creates a new commit. Therefore, everything is tracked and versioned.


With this post, the publishing process is complete. However, publishing is just half of the story. The other half focuses on how to deploy the published decisions, from your Git repository, into another SAS Viya environment.


Stay tuned for the next post in the series, How to Deploy SAS Decisions from Git: to MAS.


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