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How to Integrate SAS Intelligent Decisioning with Git

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Customers are asking if SAS Intelligent Decisioning integrates with Git. Read the post, find out how you can integrate with Git and what the advantages are.


Integration Advantages

  • Enable Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD).
  • Track files changes.
  • Allow developers to collaborate through branching and merging.
  • Deploy the decisions from Git, to any other SAS Viya instance.


The Big Picture



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The Steps

The above process can be broken down into several steps:


  1. Firstly, in SAS Viya, create a Git publishing destination.
    1. Fulfill the configuration pre-requisites.
    2. Create the publishing destination.
  2. Secondly, publish the SAS decisions to Git.
  3. Thirdly, deploy the SAS decisions from Git to another SAS Viya environment. You can choose to deploy to:
    1. Micro Analytic Service (MAS). You can then score (execute) the SAS decision, using a REST API.
    2. Cloud Analytic Service (CAS). You can run the SAS decision in batch, using CAS actions.


Note: Once you defined a Git publishing destination in SAS Viya, the destination will be shared with SAS Model Manager. Therefore, the steps above apply to SAS models as well.


What Can You Publish to Git?

You can publish from SAS Intelligent to Git rule sets or decisions. Please read SAS® Intelligent Decisioning: Publishing Decisions for more information. As the decisions can include SAS models, several model types are allowed. Please see SAS Model Manager: Publishing Requirements and Restrictions for more information.



You can integrate SAS Intelligent Decisioning with Git through a Git publishing destination. Subsequently, you can publish SAS decisions to Git. Finally, you can deploy SAS decisions from Git to another SAS Viya instance. Thank you for your time reading this post.


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