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DataOpsWeek - Orchestration

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In January 2024, we held a #DataOpsWeek event with the aims of showcasing our work, learning from our colleagues and building the SAS DataOps community. Each day had a theme, based on Alexey Vodilin's 5 pillars for a successful DataOps strategy blog. Our second theme of the week was "Orchestration".






With SAS Viya, we are redefining the boundaries of how you think about Orchestration strategies on SAS products. Aside from the out of the box scheduling capabilities of SAS Viya, we have now support a integration with Apache Airflow. A lot of our talks on the day focussed on how this can be exploited to cater expecially for complex scenarios and multi-integration touch points.


Alexey explains in his blog why it is important to think about a holistic picture when you are defining Orchestration principles:

"It's not enough to produce siloed artifacts and share them in a central repository. To solve a specific business use case, artifacts of several types should be seamlessly orchestrated together, starting from a successful data ingestion, proceeding with building or retraining a machine learning model, and ending up with communicating insights back to the business application.


This is where orchestration technologies come into play. Orchestration processes allow integrating assets of multiple types (like data transformation flows, models, API calls, etc.) in a value pipeline that can serve as a single pane of glass for understanding, building and monitoring a specific process. As such, orchestration flows should also be versioned and shareable."


Top Orchestration resources 


I have compiled a list of top resources which will support Orchestration enablement for your teams.



Workload Management:

Argo Workflows:

SAS Studio Custom Steps:


Reinforcement Learning:




Finally, if I had to choose just one orchestration tool that we mentioned that day, it would definitely be Airflow. I’m impressed with the constant development of our SAS Airflow Provider and the way we can use Airflow with SAS Viya. Not only can we schedule and run SAS Flows, but we can also use it to automate some administration tasks! 


I am also looking forward to further conversation with exploiting Viya Workload Management to know how you manage your costs and infrastructure workloads. 


You can find resources from our other DataOpsWeek themes here:

  1. Collaboration
  2. Orchestration (this blog) 
  3. Continuous delivery
  4. Testing automation
  5. Environmental management
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