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A match for marketers: SAS Visual Analytics 7.2 and Google Analytics

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Want to see Google Analytics page views, keyword searches and mobile preferences alongside other digital marketing metrics from Twitter and Facebook? Now it’s possible with SAS Visual Analytics 7.2 that allows you to view and analyze all kinds of Google Analytics data.

You’ll find several out-of-the-box dimensions and groupings through which to pull Google Analytics data. Example categories include:

  • Acquisition
  • E-commerce
  • Geography
  • Mobile
  • Technology (browser and OS preferences)
  • Behavior
  • Search

Here’s a sample report:

(click to enlarge)



Comment with how this integration may be helpful for you, and see what other features SAS Visual Analytics 7.2 has to offer.



Exciting! I'm interested to learn what the "Behavior" categorization definition is and whether it lends itself for some predictive modeling on customer behavior.

Is there any metadata on the Google Analytics data that can be imported? In the User Guide, I could only find the steps to import (with some useful notes) - SAS(R) Visual Analytics 7.2: User's Guide - Import Data from Google Analytics  



Hi Michelle! Thanks for your interest. Behavior is about page paths and pageviews, similar to the Behavior section in your Google Analytics reports. The data is imported at an aggregate level (grouped by dimensions) so it mainly lends itself to reporting. You can find out more about the specific metrics and dimensions in the Google Analytics docs: Dimensions and metrics - Analytics Help or in more detail in this reference guide: Dimensions & Metrics Reference

Have you guys had a chance to do any analysis with Facebook?

I was hoping the Twitter intake for the date value had been corrected.

Hi I-Kong,

Thanks for the Google Analytics docs links... these are very useful. Any chance to include them in the SAS Visual Analytics User Guide or perhaps create a SAS Support note? I imagine other SAS users would want this information too.



jim32353253252352, check out this article: How effective is your corporate Facebook page?

For your Twitter question, can you send us more details?

Thanks for the great ideas on this topic and others, Michelle. We'll check into those and other links as well.

Hi Michelle and I-Kong,

Thanks for your suggestion! I will be sure to add the links to the SAS Visual Analytics User Guide. Please let me know if there's anything else that you would like to see. All feedback is appreciated!



Pleased to hear. Thanks!

I came across this article that I thought may be of interest to the community relating to Google Analytics -

How to Use Analytics to Unlock a Treasure Trove of Information

Looking forward to seeing your SAS Global Forum 2016 paper and presentation @I_Kong_SAS!


Sure looks interesting: Bringing Google Analytics, Facebook, and Twitter Data to SAS® Visual Analytics



Thanks for spotting that @MichelleHomes! See you there! Bring some questions or send some in early!

My pleasure @I_Kong_SAS! I'll let you know if I have any questions once the #SASGF papers are published and I've read your paper. Smiley Wink




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