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Calcite | Level 5

Does anyone attempting upload for SAS 9.4 Base Programming find the sub-folder "database" under folder ECRBM6 to be uploaded in SAS Studio?

Also there are only 3 sub-folders under ECRBM6 (dataoutput, and programs), however it is instructed for sub-folders such as activities, data, demos, database and practices to be uploaded, would the sub-folders under folder EPG1V2 be the expected sub-folders to be uploaded under ECRBM6?

Lastly, if these are the expected sub-folders to be uploaded from EPG1V2 to ECRBM6 then there are 2 sub-folders each under the 2 folders, would both these be required to be uploaded under ECRBM6 in SAS Studio?


Help is much appreciated! Thank you


I have reviewed the instructions for setting up the Virtual Lab, SAS On Demand for Academics, and for using your own local SAS for exercises in the ECRBM6 (SAS Certification Review: SAS 9.4 Base Programming Performance-Based Exam) course. I didn't find any references to a "Database" sub-folder. Can you please specify where in the course materials you found the reference to the "Database" folder? 

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