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Calcite | Level 5

Hi all,

I was running thru the demo based on the Reading text files PDF lesson. The platform is SAS Studio Enterprise Edition, SAS release: 9.04.01M6P11072018 


Per page 1-24, when executing the program below using the  option  dlm="," firstobs=2 obs=4; , the lesson indicates the output data should treat the consecutive delimiters as one and go to the next line resulting an in issue. The log indeed indicates this has occured, however, the program issues a program correction automatically to switching the DLM optoin to the DSD option, which is their solution they want you to apply to correct the issue in the following set of instructions. 


At the same time the above solution is applied automatically by SAS, it removes a data cleansing step they had you in the previous step by issuing the statement:

if Name="999" then Name=" ";


Is SAS not aware that thier software makes these change automatically? Or perhaps is the lesson out of date and my version was subsequent to when this had to be maually done. It makes me questoin the validity of the remaining lesson. Per the log the top portion submitted and the expected error which should result in reading from the next line.



 Next is SAS making a program modification and executing its updated program code which applies a DSD fix 
(not suppose to happen per the lesson) and removing the data cleanse line leaving the invalid name that the lessons has you fix


Here is the lesson plan indicated expected results and fixes that appear unaware of the above occurences





SAS Employee



Can you please elaborate on "however, the program issues a program correction automatically to switching the DLM optoin to the DSD option".

Do you mean that in the code you submit you have the DLM option but in the Log you see that the option DSD was executed instead?

Also, would it be possible to share page no2 of your PDF, I would like to see the course code and prepared date for the course notes.






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