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Calcite | Level 5

When I downloaded the class materials in the first lesson, there were only SAS files in the dowloaded folders. But now in the activities for this section we are accessing excel and tab files (np_info.xlsx and and we are expected to give the path to those files. Was there a step I missed where we created these files?  

SAS Employee

The directions tell you to run a program that'll create everything you need for the course (txt, excel, sas files, etc.). Eventually you will need to reference the location of the data files. The directions in the course will guide you through it.


If you have any issues doing any of the activities, demos or practices please reach out.


- Peter



  In addition to the instructions in the course, we've made THIS web page: that has a video for each method of using SAS and shows making the data for that method. So, for example, the instructions are different for SAS University Edition in a virtual machine with SAS Studio from SAS OnDemand for Academics with SAS Studio. Both methods use SAS Studio, but the instructions ARE different. So, first, you have to make sure you're following the right instructions and download the right zip file and then, you need to follow all of the tasks in the instructions to run programs that will MAKE the data files -- all the data files you need.


  If you feel you need more help with the instructions inside the course then the videos that show the data creation process are there for your reference.


  Hope this helps,




Calcite | Level 5
%let path="/folders/myshortcuts/myfolder/pg1m6";when this path is coded , error displayed in log window is OPTIONS NONOTES NOSTIMER NOSOURCE NOSYNTAXCHECK;

%let path=/folders/myshortcuts/myfolder;

OPTIONS NONOTES NOSTIMER NOSOURCE NOSYNTAXCHECK;it V9 is not assigned kindly help me out

Do you see the pg1m6 folder in your SAS University Edition Server Files and Folders pane? If the answer is yes, you need to right click on the folder name and choose Properties to see the Location of the folder on your University Edition file system.

We do NOT recommend using shortcuts for the class files. Typically, as shown in the video, the path should be something like:
/folders/myfolders/EPG194/data (for our e-learning version of Programming 1)
/folders/myfolders/pg1m6 (if you are using the classrooom version of the zip file for Programming 1)

Note that the path is different for the %LET depending on whether you are using the zip file from the e-learning class or the zip file from the classroom offering.

But in either case, to make the programs work with University Edition, you reference your shared folder location as:

/folders/myfolders -- so I really think there's something wrong with your path because you have inserted /myshortcuts into the path and are using /myfolder instead of /myfolders:
/folders/myshortcuts/myfolder <-- no s on myfolders

So if you have unzipped ALL the data files, it is going to make a difference how you got the zip file and whether you've defined your shared folder location correctly.

Again, you should be able to right click on the pg1m6 folder in SAS Studio and choose Properties to see the correct location for the %LET statement.




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