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Calcite | Level 5

In completing Lesson 1, I wanted to move on to Lesson 2. I am on SAS On Demand, so I followed the instructions in Data setup to Create User, select the Launch Virtual Lab, and click on the SAS Studio app when it comes up. Instead of having EPG2V2 in my files preloaded though, I only have EPG1V2 from the first chapter with all the Lesson 1 content. 


If you are taking the SAS Programming 1: Essentials course, and followed the instructions for creating the course data in SAS On Demand for Academics, all of the programs, files, and data you need for lessons 1 through 7 will be found in sub-folders under the EPG1V2 folder.  When you have completed SAS Programming 1 and are ready to move on to the next course, SAS Programming 2: Data Manipulation Techniques, you will be provided with instructions to load the data for that class, which will then be found in the EPG2V2 folder.

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Calcite | Level 5
Thanks for the reply. I have completed course 1 and I followed the instructions outlined to have EPG2V2. Yet, when I followed them and opened the SAS studio at the end, as instructed, it only led me back to having EPG1V2 as opposed to EPG2V2.


  It sounds like you might not have opened the right zip file or submitted the correct program. Please check the zip file that you downloaded. In the Course Overview and Data Setup section of the Programming 2 e-learning class, the name of the file inside the zip archive is -- as shown in #1 instruction. If you unzip the zip file from Programming 2, double check that the .SAS file name is the same as shown in the instructions (#1 below):


  Then, note the other steps, the program does NOT create the EPG2V2 folder for you on the OnDemand server. You have to create the EPG2V2 folder and upload the creation program into the folder on the SAS OnDemand server. After you run the program on the server, then the EPG2V2 folder should be populated with the other subfolders used in the course. The process for making the data in Programming 2 will be approximately the same process you followed in Programming 1. The only difference is the name of the zip file, the contents of the zip file and the name of the folder we have you create. If you get done running the  program and do NOT have any SAS files in the data subfolder under EPG2V2 main folder, then please take a screen shot of your error messages in SAS Studio and send them to so the instructors on duty (M-F) can help you with the data setup.





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