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Fluorite | Level 6

Based on the instructions I came up with the following code :


Proc contents data="/folders/myfolders/EPG194/data/storm_summary.sas7bdat”;


however, am being met with the below error.


ERROR: The physical file name "/folders/myfolders/EPG194/data/storm_summary.sas7bdat”; run;OPTIONS NONOTES NOSTIMER NOSOURCE
NOSYNTAXCHECK;ODS HTML CLOSE; ; ;*';*" is too long
To get my file path, i simply clicked on epg14/ data and went to properties and selected the location, then got the full name from the storm summary properties and put that after the location. I also tried to copy and paste the location from the storm summary properties but this gave me the same error. Please assist?
Obsidian | Level 7

It looks like the closing double quotation isn't the same as the initial double quotation. Could you try deleting the ending quote, retype the double quote, and try it again?



Proc contents data="/folders/myfolders/EPG194/data/storm_summary.sas7bdat"; /* <- Change ending quote from ” to " */


Quotes copied from an application like Microsoft Word can sometimes be different from plain text quotes that you'd type in a .TXT file or a SAS program.  SAS recognizes plain text quotes, not the edited quotes.

Fluorite | Level 6
Fantastical! Thanks for the prompt response, i would have never guessed something like that. it worked!
Super User

Interestingly when I paste your code

Proc contents data="/folders/myfolders/EPG194/data/storm_summary.sas7bdat”;

into my SAS editor for the Display Manager the finalquote does not even appear.


Depending on your syntax highlighting settings the string starting with " would not be closed and would show the ";run;" and any following text as part of the data name.

Ah, when copying and pasting code, the "curly" quotes can mess up the code in many different editor windows -- whether you're using SAS on Windows with Display Manager, SAS EG or SAS Studio. Most of the folks who have issues are copying and pasting from a Word doc or PowerPoint, which usually have "curly quotes" turned on. You have to change this option to use what Word and PowerPoint call "straight quotes" or else your SAS code causes a hiccup in the compiler and possible error in the log.


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