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Hi guys!

When I check the version of ODS tagsets excelxp in my SAS 9.1.3, It shows v1.130, 08/02/2013. However when I run a specific sascode, In the log it shows, tagsets excelxp version v1.28, 08/29/2005. Can anyone please help me why it using v1.28 in place of v1.130?

I noticed the sascode was running well and good an year back with ODS excelxp tagsets v1.86, 04/15/2008 and now after one year, this code is using v1.28, 08/29/2005. Can anyone please tell me why this version got downgraded from v1.86 to v1.28. This is causing errors and issues in my report. 

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It's hard to say.


There is  a version of tagsets.excelxp that ships with SAS. But it's possible within your SAS session to run PROC TEMPLATE code to load a different version of the template.  It's also possible that your SAS code is pointing to a permanent item store (I think that's the word, like a catalog for templates) that is maintained by someone else.  In that case, they could have upgraded or downgraded without telling you.  It's also possible that you have templates stored in SASUSER.TEMPLAT, and it's possible you accidentally overwrote the template definition at some point.  (Personally, I think it was a mistake for SAS to make the default to be that templates are written to the permanent SASUSER item store, instead of work. This can cause a lot of accidents).


To start with, in the problematic session, you can run:

ods path show ;

That will show you in the log which locations SAS is looking in to find templates.  After you know that, you can search in those places to find the item store.  And you can at least see when it was last updated, and try to figure out who/when/why it was updated.




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Either your code is running on a server that doesn't have the same version, or somewhere in the code you're sourcing the original tagsets excelxp definition code and re-running it overwriting the current version. 


I'd guess the last option. 


Look for something like this in the code:

   %include "c:\myfiles\excltags.tpl";


Replace that file with the most recent one or delete it entirely and assume you'll manually update the code.


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