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Quartz | Level 8



I am using the below code to create multiple sheets of excel output.

But I am not able to get the image embed into the title.



ods tagsets.excelxp file = "&excelpath" style =printer
options(sheet_name = 'Cover Page' sheet_interval='proc' embedded_titles='yes');
ods escapechar='~';

Title5 justify=left bold "Study :" notbold "study name" '~S={postimage="/tlly2t/3rdparty/irserver/lilly.png" color=white} y';

/*--- sas statements ---*/


Ods options(sheet_name = 'parameters' sheet_interval='proc' embedded_titles='yes');

Title5 justify=left bold "Study :" notbold "study name" '~S={postimage="/tlly2t/3rdparty/irserver/lilly.png" color=white} y';

/*--- sas statements ---*/


ods _all_ close;


I have attached the screen shot of the sample requirement heading to this query.

Kindly help.



Moovendhan Devaraj

Super User

ODS TAGSETS does not support embedded images. Your code is not ODS EXCE, but ODS EXCEL does support multiple tabs/embedded images. However, it's not production until SAS 9.4 TS1M3



Quartz | Level 8

Thanks Reeza for looking into this.


I am using sas 9.4, and I am able to create multiple tabs with it, should I modify the code to get the image embedded.

Previously with tagset I was getting a link added to the excel but now not getting any of the info in output.


Please advise.

Super User
Post the code your actually using then. There's a paper from Chevell Parker on that has examples of how to embed images.
Rhodochrosite | Level 12

I don't think that the Excel destination supports PREIMAGE, either:


ods _all_ close;

ods escapechar='^';

*  Embed a JPG file;

title "^{style [preimage='path-to-image-file\image-file-name.jpg']}";

ods html  file='path-to-output-file\temp.htm';
ods pdf   file='path-to-output-file\temp.pdf';
ods Excel file='path-to-output-file\temp.xlsx';

proc print data=sashelp.class(obs=1); run; quit;

ods _all_ close;


The image is embedded in HTML and PDF, but not Excel.


Vince DelGobbo


Super User

 No, preimage isn’t supported but other methods are available. See the example starting on page 3 here

Quartz | Level 8

Thanks Reeza, this paper looks interesting, let me check it and will get back to you, thanks.

Quartz | Level 8

I tried it, 


But the code that I am executing is in Unix and I couldn't execute the .vbs file.


I am dropping an email to

Please let know if you have any other thoughts.

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