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SAS Forum Nordics 2020: Learning by Beeing
SAS Employee

Presentation by: Kjetil Kalager & Silje Nord, Amesto NextBridge

November 17, 2020



This spring our team fro Amesto NextBridge won, in collaboration with Beefutures, the SAS Nordic Hackathon. By combining publicly available software and data, we developed a tool that reads and analyzes bee movements. Bees communicate with each other through dancing, the so-called bee waggle dance. The duration and the angle of the dance represent the distance and the angle, respectively, from the hive to the food source. The output of our analysis is visualized in SAS® Viya®. Beekeepers around the world may use our tool to find the best place to locate their hives so that the bees may have optimal food access and avoid potential hazardous exposures. By doing so, beekeepers may both maximize honey production and minimize the daily workload of the bees. Bees pollinate more than 75% of the plants used as food for humans, so this may also secure our own access to food. Our presentation will demonstrate how we solved this challenge by combing open access data and tools with SAS Viya.  


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