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Fluorite | Level 6



I want to set environment variables using SAS/config/Lev1/SASApp/appservercontext_env_usermods.bat depending on specific group that logon user belongs to.

I tried to get which groups current user belongs to from metadata as follows.


1. Create program that export user and group information from metadata using %mduextr macro, and create a GetUserGroup.bat that kicks

2. Call GetUserGroup.bat in appservercontext_env_usermods.bat

3. Add if~else statement in appservercontext_env_usermods.bat to switch values that is set to environment variables.


GetUserGroup.bat works properly by itself. In appservercontext_env_usermods.bat "if~else" statement also works properly.
But call GetUserGroup.bat in appservercontext_env_usermods.bat and EG start up workspace server,somehow pre-assined libraries are missing.



if anyone has any idea please advise me.



Super User

Pre-assigned libraries will only work if you use the correct metadata connection, and a server context in metadata that the libraries are assigned to.

[SAS configuration]/Lev1/SASApp/BatchServer/sasbatch.bat does that on its own.


What environment variables are you setting? Wouldn't it be easier to just retrieve a user's group information in the

Jade | Level 19

Do you really need system environment variables, or could global macro values be used to accomplish the same?


If group memberships change not to often, you could create a sas-file per user with the necessary %global-statements and include those in with the statement

%include "/path/&";



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