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Calcite | Level 5

First the issue was bring up by another user in this post , despite the the post was been marked as solved but it has never resolved the issue,  check other comments in that post indicated the issue remain unresolved.

In the accepted solution,:

Problem Note 58851 suggest to update path and ensure that the server enables "Allow clients to reconnect". I checked, and it's not the case.

Usage Note 57126 suggest the windows could be hidden or not being properly displayed, it's not my case either.


The issue:

When adding decision tree node, click on Interactive button under the Train - Property Tab will not call out the "Interactive Decision Tree" Window.

I am using SAS Enterprise Miner for SAS® OnDemand for Academics 


My attempt to fix this issue:

  • Tested in 3 different computer and network environments included 1 mac, 1 windows and 1 virtual windows. It all appears to have the same issue.
  • Create new project, create simple data sources --> Decision Tree diagram, the issue still present.
  • Restart client, re-download client, restart computer, test in different day, the issue still present.
  • Google search only give me handful of information, where I browsed and tried all of it.


I watched other videos on creating decision tree node, when click on "Interaction" under the Train in Property, the will be a brief "Launch interactive training window" prompt, However I have never seen this in my attempt.




SAS Employee

Thank you for your post. We have looked over your information and have opened a technical support track for you so you can work directly with technical support. Please refer to track # 7613670053 It appears it may be a resource issue so more information may be needed by you to further investigate. We have used your email under your community profile on the track so you should be hearing back from someone in technical support shortly. 


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