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Calcite | Level 5

I'm trying to only keep certain observations in my data set, but when I do the IF statements, it is reporting no observations. Basically, I only want to keep observations that are considered confirmatory or presumptive, but I get the SAS error below. Why is it converting the column to numeric?


data All;
set xx;
If Highest_Evidence eq 'Confirmatory' or 'Presumptive';




Tourmaline | Level 20

Your variable seem to be numeriv, but you are using strings in you comparison - hence no match.

Data never sleeps
Calcite | Level 5

When I do them separately, it runs correctly, it's just when I put them together in the same statement I get the error.

Diamond | Level 26

You can't put them together like this:


If Highest_Evidence eq 'Confirmatory' or 'Presumptive';

This causes the error, as it is not the way to do such a comparison.



This is what you do want:


if Highest_Evidence eq 'Confirmatory' or Highest_Evidence eq 'Presumptive';


Alternatively, you could use:

if highest_evidence in ('Confirmatory','Presumptive');


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