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Calcite | Level 5

Hi. I'm new to SAS. I tried to share file with my friends just like how the tutorial showed. However i can't share it because my friend email or not listed. How can I solve this problem?



  By SAS Drive, it sounds like you might be using SAS Drive on  SAS Viya for Learners as an academic user. Some features of SAS Viya, such as autotuning and sharing files are disabled on the Viya for Learners server. These features will be available in a full SAS Viya install. Every student on the Viya for Learners server is assigned to a unique tenant or server because this helps improve performance and response time for all the students in a class -- when they're all on the same server, there can be performance issues. If each student gets assigned to a different server, the load is distributed across multiple servers for a class.

  In order to share files, the best thing that we recommend is that you create and do a Print to PDF for your report and then share the PDF with your professor or fellow student.


Calcite | Level 5

Thank you so much for your reply! You help me a lot with the solution. Thank you!


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