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Fluorite | Level 6
I need to establish an ODBC connection but there is no available connection from Rstudio to do it
Super User Tom
Super User

If you want to connect to a SAS session and submit code and retrieve results then ODBC is not what you want.  But if you are just trying to read SAS data in R then you can use haven package and do not need to connect to SAS itself.


Fluorite | Level 6

Hello tom,


No, any of those is what I want. I have my MIS in SASApp, like in SAS I want to establish a connection to the SAS database, but when I go to Rstudio there is no an existing ODBC driver for SAS. Do I need to install a driver for these or how do I establish the connection to the database from Rstudio


I guess you mean this:


If you are wanting help with connecting RStudio with other products then you would be best to post on an RStudio forum.


In general if you want to connect to a remote SAS server using ODBC then you need SAS/Share running on that server along with the SAS ODBC drivers. This link should help:


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