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Calcite | Level 5

Hi all,

I would appreciate if someone can help me write the program for the following:

I want to compare variables using standardized differences to assess for adequate balance with a cutoff value less than 0.1 for non significant difference.

Group variable is binary (1,0) mipd_pap

Several different character variables (ie. sex, race, chemotherapy)


Thanks in advane,


Tourmaline | Level 20

Can you provide some example data and a more specific description of your requirements?


Sounds to me like you could simple subtract the two values in question and evaluate if it is less/larger than 0.1?

Calcite | Level 5

Hi draycut,

The data set has 2608 observations and 431 variables.

I am using the PSMATCH procedure for this project and want to create two tables (a Pre and a Post-PSMATCH table) listing the frequency of the variables of interest (sex, race, BMI, Hypertension) as well as to assign a cut-off value of 0.1 when comparing variables using standardized differences and a p-value.

I am very new to SAS and do not know how to put this thought into a program!

Did I provide enough info? Sorry the dataset has sensitive info and can't post an example here.


Thanks in advance,


Super User
Post your PSMATCH code so far. If you can provide sample data or use a data set from sashelp (heart is like the closest to what you need) then you can likely get some help. PSMatch is really new so not a lot of people can run it or have experience with it yet.

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