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Calcite | Level 5

I am a real beginner, so I am sorry if this looks like a trivial problem... But I encounter a problem right off the bat when trying to import my data from an excel file (it doesn't matter where the file is located, same problem occurs if my file is on my C drive or on a shared one).


in the data wizard, the first few steps are seemingly working okay as SAS can open and read my file and gets the different fields and character types for them. but on the last frame "advanced options", I already see something that I don't see on tutorial videos: in light grey in the middle of the frame, I have a note stating :


"NOTE: SAS/ACCESS Interface to PC Files is not licensed on the current destination server."


And as I run the import of data, I immediately get an error in the log :


"ERROR : Insufficient authorization to access C:Users\my_username\appdata\roaming\SAS\EnterpriseGuide\EGTEMP\..."


I verified with my local IT department, I have all access to that file path and it shouldn't pose any problem as my rights are the same as other colleagues who apparently don't encounter such a problem.


I don't really understand the idea behind that SAS/ACCESS Interface to PC Files but as I read online, it should be sufficient for me to have a proper of Microsoft office installed and both office and SAS are x64 bits so I really don't get where the problem could emerge from...

Tourmaline | Level 20

If you wish to use an Excel file using SAS programs etc, you need this license.

You can access Excel data local to your Enterprise Guide through the UI, and is mainly for ad-hoc scenarios. This doesn't require the SAS/ACCESSS license.

Data never sleeps
Opal | Level 21

Running this program will tell you what SAS products you are licensed for:

proc setinit;

You should discuss the note with your SAS administrator.



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