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Calcite | Level 5

Hey guys....

I have SAS EG 4.1 with the following licenses, though I don't have access to BASE SAS

---Base Product                                                            30JUL2012 

---SAS/STAT                                                                30JUL2012 

---SAS/GRAPH                                                               30JUL2012 

---SAS/ETS                                                                 30JUL2012 

---SAS/CONNECT                                                             30JUL2012 

---SAS Enterprise Miner                                                    30JUL2012 

---SAS Integration Technologies                                            30JUL2012 

---Enterprise Miner Server                                                 30JUL2012 

---Enterprise Miner Thin Client                                            30JUL2012 

---SAS/ACCESS Interface to Teradata                                        30JUL2012 

---PRODNUM248                                                              30JUL2012

I have some PROC SQL statements in a SAS file...I want the results to exported to Excel(2003 version would also do). I tried Googling, but couldnt relate to what I was trying to do in EG.

Hoping for some positive response!!

Opal | Level 21

I don't know what prodnum248 is, but the critical one that you need (I think) that isn't there is SAS/Access to PC File Formats.

You could always just export a csv file and import that into Excel.

Calcite | Level 5

Thanks art for the reply!!

Exportinto CSv and then into excel is also fine with me...any help on exporting into csv?

Calcite | Level 5

Sorry for double posting, but I got my question resolved here,