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Pyrite | Level 9

Hi All,


    I am trying to solve queuing problems using SAS, I searched and find there are some queuing examples showed in SAS Simulation Studio.

    I checked I don't have the license of SAS Simulation Studio, although there is SAS/OR installed in our system. Can someone show me how to solve queuing problems using other SAS software other then SAS Simulation Studio? Thank you!



Diamond | Level 26



Can someone show me how to solve queuing problems using other SAS software other then SAS Simulation Studio? 

Google can show you. 


For example:

Paige Miller
Pyrite | Level 9
thank you, Paige! Maybe I am not that familiar with Queue theory, I find it hard to start without one SAS example:)
I will read the paper
SAS Employee

Jade, what version of SAS/OR are you running and on what computing platform?  SAS Simulation Studio has been included in SAS/OR on Windows since July 2009 (SAS/OR 9.22) and has recently (SAS/OR 14.3, Sept. 2017) added support on Linux.  The catch is that the install for SAS Simulation Studio, a Java app, is a distinct step from the SAS/OR install.  Often we've seen Windows SAS/OR sites not install SAS Simulation Studio simply due to oversight.  During the install process, you need to be sure to check the box for SAS Simulation Studio.  The good news is that if your site missed this step, it's fine to repeat the install process, checking only the SAS 
Simulation Studio box.  This will add SAS Simulation Studio without disturbing the rest of your installed SAS products.

Pyrite | Level 9
Thank you for the Info, ED. We have the SAS/OR version "For SAS/OR ... Custom version information: 14.2", we have SAS running on SAS Server (Linux), our SAS license will expire in Feb, I hope we will get the SAS/OR 14.3 in the license updating.



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