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Hi all,

I got this error log by try to solve a milp problem. There are similar errors on the "Technical Support Hot Fixes" site, but not for OPTMILP. Can anybody tell me, what does it mean and how can I fix the problem?


Error: read access violentation in task [OPTMILP]
Exception occurred by ((038A9AA0)
Task Traceback
Address Frame (DBGHELP API Version 4.0 rev 5)
038A9AA0 0386F900 tkemilp:tkemilp+0x38AA0
038A9888 0386F970 tkemilp:tkemilp+0x38888
038A92A7 0386F9CC tkemilp:tkemilp+0x382A7
038FCDA5 0386F9FC tkemilp:tkemilp+0x8BDA5
0390389A 0386FA50 tkemilp:tkemilp+0x9289A
039039CA 0386FA60 tkemilp:tkemilp+0x929CA
038F828F 0386FA7C tkemilp:tkemilp+0x8728F
03939B9A 0386FAA8 tkemilp:tkemilp+0xC8B9A
0390CC90 0386FAC8 tkemilp:tkemilp+0x9BC90
038BE232 0386FB04 tkemilp:tkemilp+0x4D232
038C606A 0386FCB0 tkemilp:tkemilp+0x5506A
038C4CBC 0386FD00 tkemilp:tkemilp+0x53CBC
038C41B9 0386FD90 tkemilp:tkemilp+0x531B9
038C401B 0386FE2C tkemilp:tkemilp+0x5301B
038C3E4A 0386FE60 tkemilp:tkemilp+0x52E4A
038C3D6E 0386FE80 tkemilp:tkemilp+0x52D6E
031A1BCF 0386FEAC sasoptmi:mcn_main+0xBCF
031A159A 0386FF90 sasoptmi:mcn_main+0x59A
013427C8 0386FFA4 sashost:Main+0xC204
0142D038 0386FFB8 sashost:Main+0xF6A74
7C824829 0386FFEC kernel32:GetModuleHandleA+0xDF
SAS Employee
Sorry to know this. Can you please submit a technical request and give us the data and platform/version information? I have told our technical support to expect your request. We would like fix this if the issue has't been fixed.

thank you,
SAS Employee

To submit a problem to SAS Technical Support, please visit this web site:

Please include your version of SAS (from Help->About SAS menu), operating system, SAS code, log, and preferably the data to reproduce the problem so we can investigate it further and provide a work around or a fix.

Best regards
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I will try to to ask for permission to send you the data as soon as possible.

@Yan Xu, sorry that I have the data regarding the topic "PROC LP VS. PROC OPTMILP" still can not send. We believe rather that our application is not stable, so that not exactly same sparsedata generated. However, we still investigate.
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Dear Tokels,

I already sumited the files to the Technical Support, a sparse and a mps. i have the logfile also sent with which occured the error but I'm not sure which SAS code did you mean. I suppose that is the site number I also given on the form.



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