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Quartz | Level 8

Reviewer's Request:  "Figures. Please delete the title, instead add figure legends."


My code:

proc sgplot data =HEERDT.VP_Table2b2  nowall noborder ;
Title "OR (95% CI) across Vasoplegia Severity, units=1 s.d." ;
styleattrs datacontrastcolors=(CX18577A CX30CC6E  ) ;
format Name $Namefmt.;
scatter x=sdOR y=Name / xerrorupper=sdUCL xerrorlower=sdLCL noerrorcaps markerattrs=(symbol=circlefilled size =5 )
group=Severity groupdisplay=cluster clusterwidth=0.6;
yaxis DISCRETEORDER= DATA reverse ;
xaxis display =(noticks  nolabel noline) VALUEATTRS=(Color=Black Family=Arial Size=8 Style=Normal Weight=Normal)type =log logbase =10 ;
yaxis display =(noticks nolabel noline) VALUEATTRS=(Color=Black Family=Arial Size=8 Style=Normal Weight=Normal)
valueshalign=left colorbands=odd colorbandsattrs=(transparency=0.7);
refline 1.0 / axis=x discretethickness=1 lineattrs=(color=cxd0e0f0);
  refline 'preNa' / axis=y discreteoffset=0.5 lineattrs=(color =Black pattern=34 thickness=1); 
  refline 'pRBC' / axis=y discreteoffset=0.5 lineattrs=(color =Black pattern=34 thickness=1);
  refline 'Ind Temp(C)' / axis=y discreteoffset=0.5 lineattrs=(color =Black pattern=dot thickness=1);
yaxistable pdp2_char sdORCI /class =Severity classdisplay =stack position=right location=outside
VALUEATTRS=(Color=Black Family=Arial Size=8  Weight=Normal ) VALUEHALIGN=CENTER VALUEJUSTIFY= CENTER CLASSORDER=reversedata   
xaxis display=(nolabel) values=(0.4 1.0 1.5 2.0 2.5 5);

I have tried "keylegend" statements and the title disappears but I cant seem to get to right. Wanted to just move the title to the bottom of and outside the figure.


I am using SAS studio. In SAS 9.4 desktop the image initially developed on SAS Studio did not come out the same so Im trying to finish this figure in Studio.

Any ideas?


The title is controlled by the TITLE statement. To get rid of it, put


outside the PROC SGPLOT call and delete the TITLE statement inside the PROC.


Since you mention the KEYLEGEND statement, perhaps you are also trying to suppress the legend? You can use the NOAUTOLEGEND option on the PROC SGPLOT statement to suppress the legend. So the new code looks like this:

proc sgplot data =HEERDT.VP_Table2b2  nowall noborder  NOAUTOLEGEND;
styleattrs ...



If that does not answer your question, perhaps you could attach a picture of the image you are getting and use graph-editing software to circle the feature you want to suppress or move.

Quartz | Level 8
Thank you Rick. It’s great to be back again.
Your explanation was a good reminder, but I am also trying to place the contents of tte title and other annotations beneath the figure. The reviewers and editor wanted no title and just a note beneath the figure stating what it was, with explanations for some of the variables.

Can this information be added with a FOOTNOTE statement? By default, this text is added to the bottom of the graph and can be positioned using justification (left, right, center).

Quartz | Level 8

Thank you DanH. It worked.

Did not seen the footnote option. I generally go to this site for the options:


I kept on trying with keylegend statement and others not knowing anything about footnote. Is there another source that gives us a comprehensive view of all the options?


Enclosed is a pdf of the output. 

It would really help if I could have the following term in bold "Supplementary Figure 1:"


You should be able to bold that part of the footnote. Can you post the FOOTNOTE statement you're using?


As for the documentation, the TITLE and FOOTNOTE statements are global statement not tied directly to the SG procedures, but they are described in the "Overview" section of the SG procedure documentation:


Quartz | Level 8
footnote box=1   justify= Left   "Supplementary Figure 1: OR (95% CI) for composite estimate of Severe Vasoplegia over 24h (shaded), and at sampled times up to 24 hours";



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