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I've copy and pasted a sample gchart program from the online documentation to create a web-based bar chart with drill-down capability. From what I understand in the documentation, all you should need to do to switch between the java and activex device drivers is to change that parameter in the goption statement. This does work - somewhat. Using the java device I get nice drill-down charts. With activex, I get the charts, but no drill-down; if I double click on a bar, I get options for manipulating the graph similar to right-clicking with the java device. Is this as it should be? What might I be doing wrong?

Also, is there a way for users who do not have SAS installed on their machine to view the java based pages?


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Lapis Lazuli | Level 10
This may be a relevant document available on the SAS support website using the SEARCH facility. Also, the presumption is that you were prompted and accepted the ActiveX driver install? Information such as your SAS version and service pack level will be important info when reviewing the document.

Scott Barry
SBBWorks, Inc.

Usage Note 10102: Requirements for displaying graphs produced by the SAS/GRAPH ACTIVEX device driver
Concerning the drilldown question, activex does not support all of the java applet drilldown modes. I'm not sure which example you're running, but if the java drill behavior is to subset the graph, that is DRILLDOWNMODE=LOCAL and is not supported by activex.

The answer to your second question is "yes". The key is having your network admin copy the java jar files to a location in your network viewable by everyone in your intranet (prefereably addressable through your web server). Then, instead of using the default codebase in SAS, set the CODEBASE= option on the ODS HTML statement to point to this location in your network (such as an HTTP:// location). When you deploy your files, everyone will see your graphs.
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Thank you! This works great!



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