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I have shape files that I need to get prepared for Tableau. I was hoping to find a way to do that in SAS.

I can import the files, and export it back to a CSV, but I'm having trouble getting the order variable correct.

This is the reference from Tableau I have regarding the file format required. 

Creating Tableau Polygons from ArcGIS Shapefiles | Tableau Software

Thanks for any help!

Meteorite | Level 14

I don't really know anything about using Tableau, but looking at the Tableau doc, it looks like they want your map polygon/border data to have a variable called ET_ORDER that shows the order in which to connect the points.

Once you import the ESRI shape file into SAS (using 'proc mapimport'), then you could add an ET_ORDER variable as follows:

data my_map; set my_map;



Of course, since you've already got the map imported into SAS, you might want to just use "proc gmap" (rather than Tableau) to plot the maps also! Smiley Happy

Super User

Is there a way to get online maps, such as google map or bing map as the base layer for a map in SAS?

Meteorite | Level 14

Yes - with a bit of "thinking outside the box" Smiley Happy

Here is an example where I download a tile-based map, and then annotate my lat/long points on it:


Super User

OK. Here's my ideal scenario, which I don't think even Tableau can handle out of the box.

I have custom regions, in Canada.  I'd like to

1. Create a map that has a google/BING map underlay with my regions on top. I have my regions currently in a SHP file.

2. If a person clicks on a certain region the html tip or pop up displays the name of the region and a table appears (on the right or below) that shows some summary statistics for the area.

3. Overlay 6 different point types that show different location types that can be clicked on/off.

#3 is more of a nice to have than required at this point.

Meteorite | Level 14

Ahh - sounds like you need something more like this then (combining polygons with the tile map):




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