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Obsidian | Level 7
Hello SAS-programmers!

I build the plot for the year period (365 points).
But the plot area is not wide enough and plot symbols are too close together.
So it's difficult to make visual differences of one plot line from another when black-white printing.
Is it possible to build interpolation line on 365 points but print symbol values (circle, triangle, square) not for every point?
I use SAS 9.1.3.

My code is below:

symbol1 interpol=join
value=circle color=blue
height=0.7 ;

symbol2 interpol=join
value=triangle color=red
height=0.7 ;

symbol3 interpol=join
value=square color=green
height=0.7 ;

legend1 label=none position=bottom;

axis1 color=black width=3 label=(color=black height=0.75 "usd'000") minor=(number=1) value=(height=0.75);

axis2 color=black width=3 label=none minor=(number=3)
order=(&order_diag) offset=(1,1) value=(height=0.75);

goptions device=win cback=white
ftext="Arial" htitle=1;

proc gplot data=d_tot; format ca comma10. date ddmmyy8.;
plot ca*date=kind /grid cframe=white vaxis=axis1 haxis=axis2 legend=legend1;
quit; Message was edited by: Oleg_1976
Obsidian | Level 7
I solved the problem by using different line types:

symbol1 interpol=join
value=none color=blue line=1
height=0.7 ;

symbol2 interpol=join
value=none color=red line=2
height=0.7 ;

symbol3 interpol=join
value=circle color=green line=1
height=0.7 ;



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