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I'm used to using ArcGIS for projects and looking to see if I can replicate certain features in SAS to make it easier to automate certain projects.

Somethings I'm looking to do that I haven't been able to figure out:

1. Show more than one shape file on the map.  I have region boundaries, but also have locations of facilities and roads that would be nice to show.

2. Add in a scale indicator that shows the map scale, ie 1cm=1000km

3. Add in a North Arrow to indicate the direction North.

Meteorite | Level 14

Assuming you're using SAS/Graph proc gmap (the answer will be different for SAS/GIS)...

When it comes to gmap, most of what you're asking for will be manual customizations - and when it comes to that "annotate" is your best friend.

You can import multiple shape files, and convert them to annotate data sets, and then combine several annotate data sets into 1, and then annotate it onto the map (using the anno= option).

You'll have to "freehand" annotate the map scale.  You'll have to be careful to make sure it matches the map (there are many-many things that can affect it).

You'll also have to annotate the North arrow (either an image, or text/graphics).

Super User

Thanks Rob. What would be the answer for SAS/GIS?

If the difference is significant it might be worth it to license that instead of ArcGIS depending on costs, but good to know either way.

I do have access to SAS version with SAS/GIS for testing purposes.

For some reason annotate scares me...most other things in SAS I understand and work with but not annotate.

Meteorite | Level 14

SAS/GIS is more geared towards these tasks, so they're more "built-in" rather than having to write custom annotate code.

Also, SAS/GIS would be much easier for importing layers, and turning them on/off easily ... and doing all this interactively.

Whereas ArcGIS is a full-blown GIS software, SAS/GIS would probably be considered "GIS-Lite".

I'll see if I can get one of my GIS buddies to send you some links with specifics on SAS/GIS capabilities.



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