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I am a relatively new user of SAS. I am running SAS 9.1.3 SP4 in windows XP. As per our IT support guys, SAS graph is installed and licensed in my PC. Proc Setinit; Run; shows SAS/Graph valid till April, 2011.
To check if the SAS/Graph is installed I went to start>control pane>add/remove program. It indeed shows "SAS 9.1 graph graph graph".
Now when I run some simple SAS code with GPLOT, it throws an error that "Proc GPLOT is not found".
Also if I try to navigate to SAS Graphics editor in SAS environment using Tools>Graphics Editor it shows "ERROR: Module SASZGRAF not found in search paths."

Any clue what am I missing here?
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If running the following does not produce graphs, I'd say either SAS/Graph is not installed, or is not installed correctly ... and a call to Tech Support is probably in order (they'll know best what questions to ask you, to figure out what's the problem!)

proc gplot data=sashelp.class;
plot height*weight;

proc gchart data=sashelp.revhub2;
hbar hub / type=sum sumvar=revenue;

proc gmap;
id state;
choro state / levels=5;
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Hi. Or use SAS automacro to see whether it is register?


%put NOTE:SAS/Graph is Regist? %sysprod(graph);

Return 1 is to mean registered.
Less equal 0 is not.

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Thanks guys. SAS/Graph was registered. In the control panel of my PC it was showing SAS as SAS/Graph and that's why I thought that it was installed. However when I spoke to the support guys they simply reinstalled everything and it works fine now.

Thanks again.



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